Jardena "Tiger" Green- St. Louis, MO
"Zhardana Tiger"

Jardena Green, "Zhardana Tiger", has been studying with Sifu Justin as his private student since Jan. 2005 when she was only 14 years old. She is the daughter of Aikido Instructor, Gordon Green. She has competed successfully in several Chinese Martial Arts Championships. In May of 2008 she won First Place in Women's Push Hands Competition for Fixed, Restricted and Moving Push Hands not losing a single match at the 10th Annual Orlando Kung Fu Championships making her a national champion. She also won 2nd place in Taiji form competition. Her success was written up in the June 26th, 2008 St. Louis American Newspaper and the St. Louis Chinese American newspaper. She also won 1st place in Ray Hildreth's Tulsa Oklahoma Kung Fu Tournament in Chen Taiji and Other Taiji Form Competition, Taiji Sword Form and Push Hands, making her (6 Gold Medals) Grand Champion in Sept. 2008. In May of 2009 she returned to compete in the 11th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS CHAMPIONSHIPS held in Orlando, Fl. where she won in Intermediate Form Competition 2nd place Women's Chen Style form competition, 1st place Men and Women's Other Style Taiji (HunYuan) form competition and 2nd place Women's Sword Competition and competing in higher Push Hand weight class against a heavier opponant, despite and won medals in Chen and HunYuan form competition and 1st place in women's Push Hands competition in the ICMAC Chicago tournament (Sept. 2011)and won medals for both Form and Push Hands competing at the Third Annual HunYuan Association International Competition held in Beijing, China (Nov. 2011), where she traveled with her teacher, Sifu Justin to meet GrandMaster Feng. She was featured in Tai Chi Magazine (Dec. 2006) article on Taiji Sword and the Qi Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness (Spring, 2010) written by Sifu Justin.

She has taught HunYuan Taiji for Seniors at the Sullivan Senior Living Center and at the Cardinal Ritter Pope John Paul Senior Apartments as well as assisting Shawn Tucker at his BCOH Therapeutic Taiji Classes and especially enjoys teaching seniors and those physically challenged. She has also done workshop classes for the FBI (May, 2011), the College School and Better Family Life Org. She currently teaches Beginning HunYuan Taiji/Qigong at the Brentwood Center for Health on Monday nights.


Jardena Green: an 18-year old healer

Jardena Tiger wins HunYuan Competition in China

Jardena Tiger wins HunYuan Competition in China reported by Sifu Justin